Perfect packaging can earn you that five star rating

by Arshiya Dey and Sandhya Nehru on 11/05/2016
The hidden secret to winning that five star rating after every sale you make is by delighting your customers with the perfect packaging. It protects your product from damage, and adds up to the overall customer experience. Apart from product quality and quick delivery, packaging is your only other alternative to make sure your customer returns to you or recommends you in the future.

Amazon branded packaging material adheres to the packaging quality standards set by Amazon. It is available at competitive prices and delivered at your door step, all you need to do is place an order for the packaging type and size you need. You can buy Amazon branded packaging material on from various vendors at affordable costs.

Recommended Packaging Material - You should choose suitable packaging material to ship orders. Amazon branded packaging material is available in the following types:

Polybags: Polybags are easy to use and once sealed, cannot be opened without tearing hence making it tamper resistant. Polybags also protect items from moisture.

Corrugated box: High quality corrugated boxes protect packages from any shock or in-transit damage.

Tapes: Tapes can be used to seal and pack corrugated boxes and book folders.

Book folders: Variable depth book folders facilitate secured packaging of items across sizes, hence multiple sized items can be shipped using the same folder.

Packaging Fillers - You can use bubble wraps, foam wraps, corrugated dividers to secure your products from transport damages or manual handling damages. These materials form an excellent cushion for your products while being taken from one place to another. To add extra cushioning, you can also put crumpled/crushed paper or thermocol balls and air filled packets.

Once you are 100% sure, your product is completely damage proof, you are ready to seal the box. Use at least a 2-inch wide ​tape and seal your package perfectly. Make sure it is done neatly, so that the customer does not face too much difficulty trying to open it. The cushioning of the products should make sure the products do not move. Watch this video to learn how to order Amazon branded packaging material. For more help visit our seller central help page.

Category specific packaging guidelines - These guidelines are specific to the product type.

Use an inner seal, polythene bag and perforated breakaway cap to prevent any kind of leakage for liquids.

For apparels, small sized products and other similar products, place them in a polythene bag with a suffocation warning and seal the bag to protect it from damage or dust.

While packing fragile or sharp items, do not forget to mark ‘’Item Fragile’’ label on all sides of the box. Cushioning is recommended for fragile items.

Books should be sealed in a shrink-wrap or a polythene bag. It is advised to use boxes for books and not a bag or an envelope. Avoid using newspapers to cover books as it may cause permanent discoloration to the book covers.

While packing electronics, ensure all the accessories are included. Check whether the right colour or model is shipped. These are the basic pre requisites for various products. You can log on to your Seller Central account for detailed product specific packaging guidelines.

Packaging Don’ts

As mentioned before, shipping with the manufacturer’s packaging is not recommended.

Avoid pasting package labels on the corners, edges or on the tape.

Unauthorised marketing materials like (pamphlets etc.) are prohibited.

Packing material from other vendors should not be used.

Items not meant for retail should not be sold.

If you follow the basic instructions mentioned above, you are through with an excellent package shipped. In case, you are yet to register to sell on Amazon, you can click here.

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