5 quick tips to prepare you for the Great Indian Sale

by Arshiya Dey on 06/05/2016
It is that time of the year, again! Amazon’s Great Indian Sale returns on May 11 for four days, ending on May 14. The event will run across all channels that include desktop, mobile and App. With up to three times more traffic expected to visit the Amazon.in marketplace, there couldn't be a better time to become an Amazon seller. All you have to do is, click on this link and follow the few steps leading to your online store launch.

In order to prepare our existing and new sellers for this mega sale, we have listed below five tips that will help you experience a rewarding sale period:

Keep your inventory stocked up:

The Great Indian Sale attracts customers from all across the country looking for excellent products at excellent prices. As an Amazon seller, it is highly likely that you will witness a surge in your orders and if in the last minute you are out of stock, you will miss sales. Therefore, follow the Selling Coach recommendations on Inventory and stock. Keep a track on your best selling products, and ensure you restock them as soon as you see a drop. Also remember to source your products well in advance in case you are a distrbuter.

Stock up on packaging material:

If the number of orders you ship daily increase, the number of orders you pack daily are bound to increase. To manage this requirement, preorder Amazon Branded Packaging material online and keep them ready. Good packaging is necessary for excellent customer experience. Also keep in mind, you may need more hands to help with packaging, so you can have your packages ready for pick-up on time.

Seek Amazon’s assistance for order delivery and logistics:

Sale time is also a busy time for courier and logistics companies. To ensure your products reach your customers on time, you can sign up with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or EasyShip. Amazon delivery executives are aware of Amazon’s delivery standards and more prepared to deliver products on or before time.

Create personalised notes to invite customer feedback:

It is very easy to miss writing a feedback for one great product if customers are buying multiple things from multiple sellers during sale. Write them a personalized ‘’Thank you’’ note. Request them to write a feedback on their experience of buying from you. Sale time is also a great time to acquire as many customer feedbacks as possible.

Mange offers/promotions and use Automate Pricing:

During sale, most sellers keep their product prices low and give attractive discounts. To ensure you don’t have to manually edit the prices of each product, please use the Automate Pricing tool. Adding offers to your products is also a great idea to attract buyers to your store and give them an idea on what you sell.

If you are new to the idea of online selling and want to take advantage of the Great Indian Sale, please click here. Once registered, quickly fill in all the details and launch your online store for crores of shoppers.

Happy Selling!

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