Here’s how price aware shoppers can buy from you

by Swati Bucha on 09/03/2017 is full of different types of sellers. Similarly, the buyers who come to to shop are of many different types. This can mean that different approaches can work well with different types of buyers.

As a seller, knowing what your buyer wants can help you to grow your business. To help you better understand your prospective customers, we have compiled a profile of the types of online shoppers who might stumble upon your product on In this series, we’ll also try to unveil the methods that could encourage these online shoppers to buy from you.

The first type of buyer from this series is the Price Aware Shopper.

It is possible that many online sellers probably think that online shoppers look for the lowest price. Sellers might believe that these people only look at the price tag and buy a product at the cheapest price possible.

However, the story might be other way around. It is possible that this kind of a buyer might be looking for a good price, which will give them the maximum value and not necessarily the lowest price. As a seller, sometimes, selling at the lowest price may not be the best option for you. So your question would now be: how to cater to this kind of a buyer?

How to cater to price aware shoppers?

Bundling of the products: Instead of working on the price, you can probably try to bundle the products that can complement each other. In this way, you can also offer a discount and sell more than one product in one go. By choosing products that a buyer will need together (like a phone and a screen guard), you can improve a shopper’s experience and sell more at the same time without compromising on the price.

Showing benefits & quality images: By showing the benefits and features of the product upfront, there is a possibility that your price aware buyer will not be worried about the price. A good quality catalogue contains the image from various angles with additional information such as sizing references, which helps the buyer visualise the product.

Intelligent price competition: In some cases, a seller just wants to ensure the price is similar to their competition, but to do that they have to check the prices every day, and keep changing the price manually. Thankfully, sellers now have the option of using Amazon’s intelligent auto-pricing tool, which can help you match prices automatically, as per your preferred rules. You can read more about this tool here.

We hope this information will help you prepare your business to better suit price aware buyers and improve your sales. You can click to register to sell on Amazon, where crores of buyers come to shop.

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