Highly profitable small business ideas in India

by Arshiya Dey on 15/06/2017
Today, in the 21st century, time is money. The combination of speed and comfort is quickly taking over the world and India is pacing with it. So, at a time when the market is growing rapidly and you are struggling to gather experience and investment, what kind of a profitable and yet small business can you start? Try online selling.

Selling online on Amazon allows you to set up an online store and get your products delivered to your customers at the comfort of their home. It is easy and quick to set up, requires relatively low investment and allows you the comfort of working from home without having to set up an offline shop. With lower capital, overheads and being part of an extremely fast growing industry, you have more control over profitability.

With all of the above-mentioned benefits and more, Amazon can also help you sell globally. Which means, from the comfort of your own house, you can sell your products to customers based out of the US, UK, Europe or Japan. This expansive reach of the marketplace can help you grow your business manifolds.

So, if you are considering starting a small business, you could pick one of the bestselling online products in India and set up your online store to feed growing demands. To set up your business all you have to do is register and follow a step-by-step guide.

Thousands of sellers manage their online stores single handedly without any extra help. The ease of selling online doesn’t bound you to hire staff to manage inventory or a team to create catalogues. You can avail the Fulfillment by Amazon service to pack, store and deliver your products if you lack a warehouse or you can seek assistance from our Third Party Service Provider Network to help you with a host of services from cataloging to account management and advertising.

Here’s a story of a seller from Ahmedabad who started a small business and today owns his own manufacturing unit:

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