Promote your business online: Minimal investment for maximum sales

by Pinaz on 16/02/2018
Organising the production, logistics, website finances, and more on your own can be quite a challenge in itself. The ever-changing consumer habits imply that there’s a lot to look out for when promoting your brand. As a start-up owner, you may often get bumped off by budget constraints of offline marketing. But, having a loyal consumers doesn’t need to be tedious battle.

In today’s age of the well-informed buyer, promoting your online store on an established platform makes good business sense. Meet your consumers on their buying journey, across all mobile devices, and at every available opportunity. Draw the traffic, increase the chances of conversion, and simplify the sell by promoting your online store. We tell you how:

Build your brand – Offline advertising and marketing involves enormous investment. Switch your business on a trusted, online platform. With an existing advantage of an established marketplace such as Amazon, your business has a huge potential of success.

Strut your niche – Identify your specialised products first, and sell your niche upfront to lift the sales. With consumers having a daily relationship with Amazon, the chances of engaging them remain high.

Get creative – Promote your business online with high quality imagery, catchy product descriptions, relevant content, and videos that can showcase the unique selling proposition of your products and increase the buys. A stunning store could drive purchases.

Discounts and offers – Treat your new consumers with good offers, coupons, and discounts to draw them in. This stimulus for the first purchase will ripple with many more that will follow.

Personalise - Consumers demand personalised, and interactive experiences. Cater to it with customised ways when reaching out. For example, offer your customers the opportunity to place orders for customised versions of your products. You may also offer occasional discounts on customised gifts. Valentine’s Day can be the best time of the year to sell personalised gifts for couples, at discounted rates.

Simplifying payments and returns – Clear ease of shipping and returns can increase the number of shoppers to buyers. Offer multiple payment options, including COD (Cash on Delivery) that will highlight efficiency and convenience to consumers and build trust.

Regard the reviews – Customer reviews largely mirror the brand. If you want to attract more consumers, encourage reviews, respond in time, and focus on outstanding customer service to generate repeat business.

Traditional retailing with physical footprints is a dated method of conducting business. With a little creativity and an online channel such as Amazon that knows what a consumer wants today, your prized products can reach crores of diverse, global consumers. An online store will help unfold your brand story, and boost your sales through one of the world’s most visited website*.

Excited to build the online presence for your business on the World Wide Web now? Register now as a seller with Amazon. Initiate this lucrative partnership to get the word out, and turn it into a profitable, online business without breaking the bank. Promote your business online and rake the returns on your entrepreneurial dream investment, with maximum sales at minimal cost.

*Source: Statista: Most popular retail websites

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