Creating an e-commerce website, the pros, the cons and an alternative

by Priyanka on 22/12/2017
If you’re planning to jump on the e-Commerce bandwagon, creating a website for your business must’ve crossed your mind. But, websites require investment and impact the topline of your business, especially for debut online ventures. While the current market has a host of free e-Commerce website creators that can help you build your own website, it is always a wise decision to weigh out the pros and cons of having a website of your own before building one.

On the one hand, websites can be:

Accessible: Websites are available to the customers 24x7, allowing them the benefit of browsing through your products at any time of the day. With your own website in tow, you don’t have to worry about closing times and losing customers.

Flexible: You have all the flexibility and freedom in designing your website the way you want to. You can also change the look of your website whenever you deem fit, enhancing the User Interface (UI), improving site navigation, etc. as you continue expanding your business.

But, on the other hand,, creating and maintaining a website can be: :

Time consuming: Web designing is not an easy know. Learning the basics of it can be a time-consuming affair. If you’re just stepping into e-commerce, it is advisable to make a business plan, rather than worrying about website design.

Under par appearance: A pitfall of many do-it-yourself projects is that the finished product has the chance of not being at par with your expectations. The website might look disorganised, there could be inconsistency among various pages, navigation may be sluggish, etc. You might fail to achieve a suave, smart outlook for your website. Since your website acts as a storefront to your e-business, an average website may lead to lack of customers.

Malfunctions: A common problem is noticing lags post creation of your website, especially if you are a novice. Even the best of web designers can get temporarily stumped by a tricky code.

A viable alternative

Truth be told, making your own website may take a bite out of your time and effort in planning your business. Nowadays, most sellers prefer online marketplaces over personal e-commerce sites because they minimise capital investment, provide better customer reach, and reduce marketing costs.

You can register as a seller on Amazon, and take advantage of a smooth, attractive, and efficient selling platform. Your own storefront in Amazon is highly customisable, with your own logo and serves as your personal website within Amazon. You can reach out to thousands of customers, both local and global. You can market your products with Amazon Advertising, even sell to other businesses. As opposed to building a website of your own, selling it online is easy, not time consuming, and hassle-free by nature. As entrepreneurs of today, the best way to go about your business is to start selling online.

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