Quickly launch yourself on FBA and earn rewards

by Arshiya Dey and Swathi Damodar on 08/12/2016
Selling online gets easier when you are registered to sell on Amazon. Apart from crores of loyal customers, you also have easy access to countless services that help you grow your business. One such service is Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. This service allows Amazon sellers to store or stock their products (including their entire inventory) at an Amazon fulfillment centre or a warehouse that is managed by Amazon. Your products are also packed, picked, shipped and delivered directly to the customers.

According to a recent survey, 86% of Amazon sellers have enjoyed an increase in sales after they started using FBA.To enable and expedite this, Seller Rewards Program, a unique seller specific loyalty program for Amazon sellers has designed an exclusive promotion for sellers like you to help you start selling through FBA and even earn rewards worth upto Rs. 2000 for the same.

This exciting offer can be availed in three simple steps-

Register on FBA by clicking here. The date you complete this step, is the date of registration.

Complete tax verification. Additional details on how you can do the same is given here .

You send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center ("Amazon FC") or schedule a pickup. The date you complete this step is the date of launch.

That’s it, you are done. It is quick, simple and helpful. Do keep in mind that the promotion is valid from November 11, 2016 to December 31, 2016. Launch on the FBA timeline is calculated from the date of your registration for the FBA service to the date of Amazon receiving your first shipment in its Fulfillment Centre. It is also subject to you having successfully signed up for the Program by agreeing to the Reward Program’s Terms and Conditions. In case you have queries you can go through the FAQs.

If you are new to online selling and yet to register yourself as a seller on Amazon, quickly click here to register. As soon as you become an Amazon seller you will be eligible to avail this offer. So hurry and happy selling.

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