Reasons why entrepreneurs register on Amazon

by Pallavi on 04/01/2018
If you’re an aspiring digipreneur planning to invest in an online venture, you may find yourself asking questions such as where to find buyers, how to organise the selling process, when and how to pack and ship products, and, how to build your brand? Not finding the right answers to these queries sometimes halts business plans. Amazon says, “Don’t stop your planning. Make your entrepreneurial dreams come true with Amazon’s seller portal.”

So, why Seller Central and not just any other website portal? Read on to find out how Amazon can aid and spruce up your business venture.

1. Widespread connect – With millions of active buyers in India, Amazon provides sellers the ideal beginning to their business. No matter what the product is, you are assured that there is a buyer looking for it. Whether you are starting your venture from your living room or a factory, the wide connect helps you reach out to a national as well as global customer base.

2. Own your inventory – Sellers usually have the pressure to maintain product count with vendors. With Amazon, you get to decide how much you want to sell and how you want to ship. With the world-renowned fulfillment centers, Amazon allows sellers to choose its shipping support. The Seller Central helps streamline the logistics process.

3. Transparent payment processes – Amazon’s flexible and secure payment process allows sellers to track their earnings seamlessly. The Seller Central provides visibility for each and every product. Additionally, with Amazon’s principle of paying once a week after the order is confirmed and shipped, sellers can be at peace regarding their finances.

4. Feedback tracking – Your carefully sourced or made products need feedback. A good portal will have a system where you can monitor all the comments. Amazon’s seller portal has a dashboard where you can view and reply to your product’s feedback in a single place. It will help you understand your customers better and facilitate long-term business planning.

Amazon’s professional seller support services help new sellers through every step of the selling process. Register as a seller, complete the forms and watch your business gain new heights with Amazon.

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