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by Swati Bucha on 11/05/2017
At Amazon, we believe in making it easier for our sellers to manage and grow their businesses. To give them the ease of doing online business, we frequently launch new features on Seller Central.

Amazon India recently launched a task widget on Seller Central for Indian sellers. This feature informs sellers about the most business-critical tasks through the Getting Started or Recommended Tasks widget on the Seller Central Gateway. For example, imagine a seller’s Late Shipment Rate exceeds the 4% threshold (which the sellers are required to meet). Seller will now be alerted to this issue with a task card that describes the problem, recommends an action, educates the seller through a Seller University video, and offers access to more detailed information in Seller Central.

At times, sellers tend to miss out emails or ignore issues that may lead to poor performance, slow business growth, and in extreme cases lead to account suspension. With this widget, these issues are called to attention immediately, along with actions that need to be taken, on the Seller Central Gateway. The widget shows top 3 tasks in one go. Also, if you want to better understand your issue, you will be given a link to watch the Seller university video associated with your issue. Aside from this, relevant sellers will see up to 3 of the following supported tasks in the Getting Started widget on the Gateway:

First order confirmation
High ODR
High LSR
High CR
No live offer
Suppressed offers
Perfect Launch
Perfect Launch
Sponsored Products
MARS Adoption

If you have already updated your Seller App and used the new feature, please don't forget to share your feedback on the same. Sellers who have not yet downloaded the Amazon Seller App can download it from Google Play Store and iOS App store.

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