A handy checklist that will help you list your products on Amazon

by Arshiya Dey on 04/04/2017
While shopping on Amazon.in, customers find the details of your product on the product detail page and decide whether to buy your product or not. Creating an attractive product detail page will result in better customer experience, which in turn will increase your sale. For creating an attractive product detail page you need to keep a few important things ready when adding your products such as,

Product Title: A short title for the product which identifies what is being sold. Example: Puma Men’s Cotton Ankle Socks (Pack of 2)

Product Images: Clear, high quality images of your product against a white background taken from multiple angles

Bullet points about the product: Crisp points highlighting specific features of the product. Example: Socks pattern: solid, Socks Color: Grey and Black

Product Description: A short description that provides more important details about the product

Product price

Product quantity

Barcode –Also known as UPC or EAN or ISBN

Once you have the details ready, you can start adding your products in different ways. You can add products one at a time or many together. If you have only a few products, we recommend you add it one by one. First, check if the product you want to add is already being sold by some other seller on Amazon.in. If yes, all you need to do is enter your price and quantity and add the product. To know the steps followed to add products that already exists on Amazon one by one, watch our video on ‘How to add an existing product on Amazon.in’. If not sold on Amazon.in already, you would need to create a new product. If you are trying to add multiple products that already exists on Amazon.in at once, you can use the Listing Loader file or read this.

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