Regional language support for Amazon sellers

by Arshiya Dey and Sonesh Bansal on 09/03/2017
Language is a unique attribute of a person’s identity. Despite the popularity of Hindi and English, they do not represent the entirety of the Indian population who prefer communicating in their regional languages. To assist sellers who prefer communicating in other regional languages, Amazon India decided to go multilingual with its primary support channel.

In a recent program launched by Amazon’s Seller Support team, all sellers, new and existing, can avail phone support in other Indian regional languages that include Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. This is in addition to the regular on-call support provided in Hindi and English.

Additionally, to reduce call wait time, Amazon sellers will also have the ability to request for a call back in their preferred language (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi or English). This initiative will make it convenient for sellers to freely inquire about their areas of concern and ask questions in the language they are most comfortable.

Regional language support is also offered in the preferred language for various other services like FBA, UPC exemption, feeds, category approval, account access, launch related queries and other general inquires. All Amazon sellers can avail this service and request for a call back to get instant support by clicking here. In case you are not an Amazon seller and are interested to sell online, please register yourself on Amazon and set up a new selling account. To read some more about online selling, please click here.

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