Retail POS: The key to swift financial transactions

by Priyanka on 08/11/2017
As a retailer, you may be passionate about your product, but you will only be able to make a sustainable business out of it by selling it at a profitable rate. It’s obvious then, that most retailers devote a considerable amount of effort towards marketing activities and providing a great customer experience. Point of Sale, or POS as we know it is the juncture at which a customer completes a transaction. In physical world, POS is the cash register’s desk. In case of online transactions, the checkout page counts as the POS. So, once your customer is ready to buy, it also becomes your responsibility to ensure that their experience at the actual point of sale (POS) is convenient and positive. To enable this, retailers need to put the right systems and processes in place. With the right retail POS system, you can facilitate sales transactions, as well as handle activities such as inventory management, returns and exchanges, and mapping customer behavior.

Focus on your requirement

First, evaluate your requirements and how you want to incorporate those in your business. Your retail POS should help you to fulfill these functions:

Easy customer payments

Inventory management

Customer management

Returns and exchanges

Hardware requirement

The POS system might be a software but it operates from a piece of hardware. Retailers who operate out of shared location or markets, or through a mobile device or similar flexible entity, can use a simple tablet and a card reader that is integrated with a cloud-based POS system. However, traditional checkout counters at larger stores need an array of hardware devices such as terminals, receipt printers, card readers and more. So assess your selling environment thoroughly and ensure you cater to your customers’ requirements.

Certain non-negotiable functions

You might have a retail POS system with additional features but certain fundamental functions should not be compromised at any cost. They must be:

Easy to operate.

Integrated with your other business areas.

Simple, straight forward and transparent in pricing.

Should be accessible everywhere.

Track important analytics and metrics.

Come with reliable customer service from vendor.

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