Run your business smoothly with the right inventory management system

by Priyanka on 15/12/2017
Some would say that the key to a successful business is to always be prepared. And one way to achieve that is through an infallible inventory management system. Such a system handles the processes of ordering, storing, managing, and supplying stocks. The term inventory refers to the amount of tangible goods, products or services that are offered to consumers. These goods, products or services are itemised and catalogued into an inventory management system. There are several sophisticated software products available that can help with inventory management. And most organisations will use one or more of these to help automate and streamline inventory management.

E-commerce is a very competitive field today. As a majority of e-commerce businesses deals with finished goods, an inventory management system needs to ensure that the supply meets customer demand and that the goods are always stored optimally.

The importance of inventory
As a tangible asset, product inventory serves as a real-time evaluation and indicator of a company’s revenue generation. If a product stays in storage for an extended period of time, it means that the e-commerce business is struggling to sell it and must adjust operations accordingly. Conversely, if a product is perennially in short supply, then you run the risk of annoying customers with a ‘Sold Out’ message. This could lead to loss of customer loyalty towards your product as they look for other options.

An inventory management system can help avoid these pitfalls and provides a number of other benefits to online retailers. With it, retailers can:

Handle order increases without overstocking.

Ensure that product information on the website is up-to-date.

Gain more control over multi-channel order flow.

Improve visibility of back-end processes.

Synchronise data from across sources.

Keep tab on the stocks.

Improve sales thanks to better business awareness.

Provide a good customer experience to buyers.

So once you decide to invest in a top notch inventory management system, ensure it has the following features:

A data-driven approach that leverages analytics to help you predict demand and supply.

The ability to manage multiple and track multiple storage sites.

Real-time updates, alerts, and notifications when stocks are running low or any other issues.

The ability to add product handling and shipping costs.

Customisable to your business.

Sensitive to seasonal trends.

Real-time inventory management helps increase business intelligence and visibility in the e-commerce sector. Armed with a good inventory management system, sellers can register with Amazon to avail our customised services and ensure that your products get the required visibility. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) allows registered sellers to store their inventory, track and deliver products to customers smoothly. All you need to do is let Amazon be by your side in this journey.

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