Choosing the right packaging for food items

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 14/09/2017
The grocery and food business is picking up pace online. With people getting busier, they have little to no time to go to a grocery store and buy food items. Naturally, online grocery and food services are becoming very popular. While this is a great business option, the main problem is with regards to packaging food items. This blog may help you in choosing the right packaging material for different food items.

Flow wraps/Plastic wraps: To preserve the freshness of food like chips, tortillas, biscuits, lentils, legumes, cereals and other such dry items, you could use flow wraps. These are essentially, foiled plastic or food-grade plastic wraps that are sealed to be completely airtight. This way, the items inside retain their natural crunch until they are opened. The packaging material can be either printed or plain depending on the brand. Also, for dairy products like butter and cheese, foiled paper wraps can be used.

Cans and Bottles: Some food items like pickles, ginger-garlic paste, olives, jams, nut butter, ketchup and sauces need to be packed into glass bottles. This is because some of the preservatives in these foods can react badly with metal cans. To pack items like tuna, coconut milk, preserved meat and sodas, aluminium cans are the best option. Plastic bottles can be used to package sodas and cold drinks as well. This is a fairly large-scale process as opposed to packing chips and biscuits and needs machinery to seal the cans and bottles.

Tetra packs: These are cartons made of paperboards, aluminium and polyethene. They are great to preserve milk, juices, purees and pulps. The layered way these cartons are manufactured help in maintaining the freshness of the contents. They have a plastic cap over the top that helps in easy pouring of the liquids.

Foam and biodegradable wraps: You may have seen this kind of packaging for fruits and cut vegetables in supermarkets. The foam base holds food items like apples, cut fruits, corn and more, while the biodegradable wraps cover them from the top. This is a temporary way of packing and should not be used to preserve fruits and vegetables for long.

Brown paper bags: This is a recyclable material that can be used to package freshly farmed items over short distances. It is also used in packaging ready-to-go food items like burgers, sandwiches, doughnuts and bagels. Baked items like cakes and pastries can be packed into recyclable, plastic coated, light cardboard boxes.

All these packaging materials are only for the products. If you want to ship these items to customers, you may need to additionally pack these products into corrugate boxes or paper bags with ice packs for meat. Make sure you label the boxes clearly stating that they contain edible items. To learn more about what food items you can sell on Amazon, head over to Seller Central. Once you know what you can sell, register as a seller and start selling to thousands of customers.

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