How to choose the right packaging material for your products

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 06/07/2017
Good packaging is a great way to earn customers' trust. It shows them that you care about their order, in addition to saving yourself the cost of a broken or damaged product. You must choose the right packaging for your products to effectively ship them to the customers without damaging them. One type of packaging may not work for all the merchandise you offer. Amazon-branded packaging material is available here, for all Easy Ship sellers (or you could sell through Fulfillment by Amazon where Amazon will handle the packaging). Read on to learn how to choose the right packaging material for your products.

Fragile Items: Use sufficient bubble wrap for items like glass, porcelain, clocks, and mirrors, before placing them into cardboard boxes or corrugates. If there is more than one item, wrap each item with bubble wrap. Provide sufficient cushioning so the products do not move within the package. Heavier items like chandeliers must be double-boxed. Also, add orientation ('This side up') and ‘fragile item’ labels to avoid mishandling.

Liquids: Ensure that the lids of liquid products like sprays, lotions, and shower gels are perfectly sealed. For liquids without double seal, wrap the container in a fully sealable strong plastic bag or plastic sheet, and seal all the seams. Once done, these sealed bottles can be placed into corrugates with sufficient cushioning. Review if your product falls under the “Hazmat” (hazardous material) category; if yes, it is subject to assessment by Amazon.

Apparel and Fashion Accessories: Clothing items must be packed in plastic covers and then placed in self-adhesive poly-bags. This protects them from dust and grime. Bags, shoes and fashion accessories like jewellery must be packed in corrugates or plastic boxes before packing them in poly-bags.

Electronics: Mobiles, MP3 players, camera, shavers and other electronic items should be bubble-wrapped and double-boxed using corrugates of the right size. Ensure the devices are turned off and batteries are packed in a way to avoid short circuits.

Toys and Baby Products: Products like toys, teething rings, dolls and toy weapons must be packed in poly-bag wrapping before being placed in cardboard boxes. Soft toys can be packed only with poly-bag covers. Do not forget to add necessary labels for child safety on these packages.

Books: Both hardcover and paperback books can be packed in jiffy bags, ¼ bubble sheet or craft paper bags. Jiffy bags are padded envelopes that protect the books inside. You could also use water-proof jiffy bags for this purpose.

Sharp Objects: Scissors, tools, knives and other items that can cause physical damage to the person handling the must be carefully packed. Individually wrap each item in bubble or blister wrapping. Additionally, pack it in a side-edged corrugated box.

Now that you know how to choose packaging material according to category, go ahead and delight your customers because perfect packaging can earn you a five-star rating. Not a seller at Amazon yet? Register here today, to begin your online selling journey.

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