Rush to Restock – A Diwali Special Offer for Amazon’s FBA sellers

by Arshiya Dey and Rishav Raj on 01/09/2017
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As you enter into the month leading up to the festive season, Amazon brings to you an early Diwali offer. Every year, crores of customers do their Diwali shopping on Amazon, making thousands of sellers go out of stock quickly.

So, how about you already start stocking up for the peak Diwali season as you earn rewards worth upto INR 25,000? That is correct, the Rush to Restock offer launched exclusively for all FBA sellers requires you to stock your Fulfillment Centre inventory. As you restock, you earn reward amounts for each product unit restocked that can be used as money to buy an approved Amazon service or even shop from the marketplace.

To participate and avail the offer, you must do the following things first:

Once subscribed, follow the steps mentioned below to act on the offer:

  1. Send your products to your registered Fulfillment Centre. Ideally, the registered Fulfillment Centre is the one located nearest to your seller location.
  2. Ensure that your products are shipped and checked in if not delivered by, on or before the 15th of September

Based on the number/units of products you ship and get checked in to your fulfillemt centre and get them checked in, you receive rewards worth INR 1.50 for each ASIN unit sent to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre, subject to a maximum Reward worth INR 1,500.

The top 10 sellers, who bring the maximum number of ASIN units to Amazon FCs in each state, will receive Rewards worth INR 10,000 each. Further, to add on to the excitement, the top 10 sellers who bring in the maximum ASIN units across all the Amazon FCs will get INR 25,000. Kindly note, as mentioned above, only the ASIN units which have been shipped and checked in by a seller to an Amazon FC by or bfore the 15th September, 2017 will be considered for rewards. 

There are no minimum number of ASIN units required to be sent to an Amazon FC to be eligible for Rewards worth INR 1.50/unit. However, to be eligible for Rewards worth INR 10,000 and INR 25,000, you need to send at least 1,000 units of ASINs.

The Promotion has alsready stated and ends on September 15, 2017 (including the end date). Results of the offer will be announced by the 30th of September, 2017 on Amazon Seller Rewards Program website. The Rewards will be credited to your Amazon Seller Rewards balance by 15th October, 2017. For further queries you can go over the Terms & Conditions of the offer. 

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