Sell books online – A step-by-step guide

Want to sell books online? All you need is PAN number and a bank account to start selling them online

by Swati Bucha on 22/06/2017
E-commerce in India has changed the buying habits of customers. 15 years ago, we used to regularly visit book shops and spend hours finding what we need. With online selling, buying books became so easy, that books are now one of the top selling categories in e-commerce. So if you are considering selling books online, here’s a super-quick step-by-step guide selling on Amazon.

Here’s how you can sell books online:

Step 1

Register on Since books is a tax exempted category (most books sellers should not be impacted by GST), you can start selling in a jiffy. You need to register on Amazon Services website, provide your PAN details and it’s done.

Step 2

List your products in minutes: With four easy ways to list your products on Amazon, you can start selling books in a matter of seconds. For books that are already available on Amazon, you can either match products to the existing list or scan them to list. If you are selling a unique/new book on Amazon, you can create new listings.

Step 3

Choose how to deliver your products: With you have the option to choose various shipping options available. Choose Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) if you want Amazon to store your products in its fulfilment centre, pack and ship it to the customer on your behalf.

For those who want to store the product in their own warehouse, Amazon can handle your shipping needs via Easy Ship. You just need to keep the product ready and Amazon will collect it from you and deliver it to your customer. And if you want to do everything on your own, then you can store, pack and deliver the product to the customer; all by yourself.

That’s all there is to it! Receiving payments in Amazon is very simple. Amazon settles your account balance 14 days after you register your seller account. After that, Amazon will initiate a payment to your bank account on your settlement date. You can read more about how payments work for online selling.

Books are one of the easiest products to sell online in India. Got a PAN number? Got a bank account? You can sell books online. So what are you waiting for? Log on to and start selling now!
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