Sell coffee online - A step by step guide

by Swati Bucha on 23/11/2017
Sell coffee online – A step-by-step guide

Indian coffee is the most extraordinary beverages. Typically mild and not too acidic, Indian coffee possess a fine aroma. Owing to the topography and growing demand in the market, India is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. According to a report, high domestic growth in consumption and excess demand for coffee in the country is anticipated. Thanks to café culture picking up in the country, in the last 5 to 6 years, domestic consumption growth has been by 5 per cent.

Imagine being part of a market that caters to the demands of billions of people. There will always be a taker for that one extra cup of coffee.

So, how can you set up your coffee store online?

The simplest way is to register on Amazon and for that, all you need are the following things:

Contact Details – Name, Phone Number, Email Address & Postal Address

GST number/ID – Visit the AtoZ GST guide to learn how to acquire one.

PAN (Permanent account number) number for business

Bank Account Details to receive your payment

Selling coffee on Amazon requires you to list your products under the Grocery & Gourmet Foods category. To maintain the highest quality Amazon sellers are required to fulfil certain requirements before listing their products under this category. You can access the list of requirements by logging on the Seller Central portal. Once you are confident that you meet the criteria, you can click on the Request Approval button.

As you get an approval to sell coffee on Amazon, you can list your entire range of products. An excellent quality listing with accurate product description and proper images will simplify the process of listing them to your store on Amazon.

Selling coffee on Amazon is very easy if you are registered. If not, then log on to our website and register yourself to start your online selling journey today.

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