Here’s how you can attract buyers looking for the latest products

by Swati Bucha on 23/03/2017 is full of different types of sellers. Similarly, the buyers who come to to shop are of many different types. This can mean that different approaches can work well with different types of buyers.

Previously, we discussed the preferences of price aware shoppers and ‘high-quality’ product shoppers and how you could best cater to their needs, but not all buyers choose their products based on price or quality. There is another category of buyers who want the latest product irrespective of its high/low price or high/low quality. They don’t mind buying spending a few bucks to keep themselves updated with the latest product. These buyers who come under this category can be termed as the Latest Product Shoppers.

On Amazon, we get customers who are constantly searching for the newest product that comes into the market with the intention to buy it. Such customers don’t mind buying new products all the time because it is much more fashionable or cool or comes with better features. These customers can be found in various industries that change rapidly, such as beauty, fashion, technology. They are very well informed about the changing trends and evolving fashion and know when the next new product is scheduled to launch. So your question would now be: how to cater to this kind of a buyer?

How to cater to 'latest product' shoppers?

Encourage subscriptions or registrations: This type of online shopper can certainly be profitable, if you can keep them informed. You can probably ask them to create an account by incentivising them or help them to subscribe to receive updates of the launch of new products or service. When a customer has an account with you, it allows you to probably re-market to them later.

Targeted Email: Once a customer has registered you can also start to market through email. This type of shopper likes to stay informed but does not want to be “spammed”. Use a targeted email solution to send customised and relevant content. You can probably send them products based on their past preferences, and you may get them coming back again. Be careful of over marketing and annoying them.

We hope this information will help you prepare your business to better suit latest-product shoppers and improve your sales. You can click to register to sell on Amazon, where crores of buyers come to shop.

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