Sell sarees online – A step-by-step guide

Turn your physical saree store to an online store

by Swati Bucha on 01/06/2017
Online selling has transformed the way business is done in India. The e-commerce industry offers innovative, consistent and seamless buying and shopping experience. From electronics to jewellery, clothing to grocery, anything can be sold online. The sky is the limit for growing your business; turning a physical shop into an online store. In this series, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to sell sarees online:

The clothing and accessories category is the centrepiece of Amazon’s Fashion store. All sellers must complete an application to apply in the Clothing & Accessories category. While you can sell as many sarees as you want online, all you need is an approval from Amazon. Your product titles, descriptions and other information (including images) must adhere to standards listed in the Clothing & Accessories style guide. During the application process, you will need to provide:

Registered e-mail address
Contact number (optional)

Apart from this, sellers in the clothing & accessories category must maintain the high standards that customers expect. For example, images need to be formatted consistently so customers can easily compare colour and texture of sarees. A customer will be interested in buying the product only when the image is depicted accurately. It is advisable to follow the style guide for sarees and upload the exact relevant image that matches with your product title. Titles should be short, concise and descriptive. To create good product descriptions, you can read our blog on how to write catchy product descriptions. In addition, customers need to be confident in the authenticity, safety and manufacturing quality of each item they purchase.

Customers also look for competitive pricing; great prices attract thousands of customers. If you are a seller on Amazon, you can use automate pricing tool to automatically adjust prices of products in your catalogue. Another important thing that attracts prospective buyers is the discoverability and relevance along with search results that increase chances of a sale. To help sellers get their products discovered by customers easily on Amazon, we offer advertising services such as display ads, sponsored products etc. Availing these services can increase the chances of getting higher visibility and growing your business.

As a seller on the Amazon Marketplace, you play a critical role in delivering the experience customers expect. Your high-quality images, accurate product descriptions, quality items and customer service may help drive repeat purchases of your products. If you are excited about selling sarees in the Clothing & Accessories category, please click here. However, if you have not yet registered yourself on Amazon, please click here.
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