Sell t-shirts online – A step-by-step guide

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by Swati Bucha 02/08/2017
T-shirts are an attractive apparel category across all the consumer segments. In India, the t-shirt Industry contributes nearly Rs. 12,200 crore* which is expected to reach Rs 21,250 crore by 2018. Would you like to be a part of such a growing industry? Would you be interested in doing an online business of t-shirts?

If your answer is an emphatic yes, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sell t-shirts online.

Step 1
Register on Amazon: To register yourself on, you need to click here and fill in your details such as name and e-mail ID. You have to enter your legal name and contact details and your account is created.

Step 2
Enter your business details: You are required to fill in your store name and select Clothing & Accessories for selling t-shirts. Once you select the category, you can fill your address details and choose how you want to ship your orders. Also, you can read this simple guide to shipping options available for an Amazon seller. Update your GST details and request approval. Since Clothing and Accessories is a restricted category at Amazon, you are required to request for an auto approval by filling a small form. You can start listing t-shirts on Amazon.

Step 3
List t-shirts on Amazon: To list t-shirts, you can choose one of the four methods to list on Amazon; scan your products to list, match your products to the existing list, use ‘Prepare your listings’ feature or ’Custom inventory template’ to list products in bulk. To help you sell same t-shirts in different sizes and colours, Amazon lets you create variations by grouping different varieties of the same t-shirt on a single product page. To know how variations work, you can read how to create product variations.

That’s all!

If you're ready to sell t-shirts on Amazon, please click here! Also, learn how Amazon will help you once you are registered with us.

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