Earn your Diwali rewards by selling on Amazon

by Arshiya Dey and Rishav Raj on 28/09/2016
We have previously published a post about Amazon’s seller exclusive loyalty program for sellers selling on the Amazon.in marketplace. This loyalty program, also known as the Seller Rewards Program recognises the effort you put in making your online business a constant success. As part of this program to celebrate the country’s biggest festival, the festival of lights, we are running many limited period offers that you can benefit from. These benefits come in the form of rewards that can be used instead of money to avail the following services:

Amazon Gift Card – Buy products from Amazon.in

Cash Rewards – Cash in your bank account

Free account boost – Get help from experts on business

Free transportation – Get free transport to Amazon Fulfillment centers easily

Free product images – Get professional images to boost sales

Free product listings – Get professional help with listing your products on Amazon

These promotions primarily help you maximize your sales during the festive season. In addition, you could also win an all paid sponsored trip to Seattle, a Macbook, a DSLR or a Home Theatre. To be eligible for these benefits, all you need to do is login to the SRP Portal here, and participate. Some of the most popular contest and offers are mentioned below:

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