The future of business - Selling organic products online

Here are some of the few points on how to start selling organic products online

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 09/03/2018
With the increasing prevalence of organic products across all every category in India, it is the right time to leverage this opportunity as a seller. Organic agriculture involves the use of biological fertilisers and pesticides and prohibits the use of harmful chemicals for a safe and wholesome environment. What were once considered niche, are now gaining mainstream acceptance and organic products from categories such as food, clothing, beauty and baby products are much sought after, especially among the Indian urban population because of their bio-friendly and chemical-free properties.

With its numerous health benefits and positive environmental impact, organic farming will continue to rise in India. As a seller, you can tap into this market and reach lakhs of potential customers through online selling. Given below are a few points on how to start selling organic products online.

Decide on the products you intend to sell:
From organic fruits, vegetables and food grains to textiles, toys and more, there is a large variety of products available for online selling in the organic goods industry. Whether it is a new type of organic peanut butter or a chemical-free skin care product, the market for organic products in India is vast and largely untapped. Perform adequate market research to determine what particular categories are trending and what products can be easily sourced from farmers and wholesale dealers.

Obtain necessary approvals and documentation:
To ensure consistently high quality of all organic products sold in India, the government has a list of guidelines necessary for products to receive organic certification. This enables you to use the ‘India Organic’ logo which is an established sign of pure organic produce. Ensure all organic products sold by you have received this certification and logo to tap into this market as well as earn customers’ trust.

Determine your method of selling:
While you can create your own online ecommerce website and start selling your organic products, the overhead costs of maintaining this website and managing other aspects such as shipping, returns and customer service can act as barriers to success. By registering as a seller on an established and widespread online marketplace such as Amazon, you not only gain access to its large user base, but can also benefit from several features that make online selling an easy and stress-free process. With the help of four things, you need to start your online business on Amazon, you can launch your online store within minutes.

After you have procured the necessary documentation, simply register on Amazon and start selling your organic products to customers from across the country. For tips and tricks of online selling, you can also check the Start Selling Guide.
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