Set automated rules for pricing and win up to INR 10,000

by Swati Bucha and Rishav Raj on 05/10/2017
NOTE: This offer has expired and is no longer valid. Click here to view the newest offer.

Being price competitive is one of the major success criteria in online selling. We, at Amazon always strive to give our customers the best price in the market. In an effort to do so, we have developed ‘Buy Box’ on Amazon, which intends to give our customers the best buying experience. This tool considers the price of the product as the major factor, which in turn decides which seller gets the Buy Box for the product.

Amazon Seller Rewards brings an opportunity for you, where you can win INR 10,000 by setting up Automated Pricing Rules. This increases your chances of winning buy box and boosting your sales.

How do I participate?

Login to Amazon Seller Rewards with your Seller Central credentials.

Click on ‘Automate Pricing and Win’ on the homepage. This will take you to the promotion detail page.

Click on ‘Subscribe’ button to participate.

Set up Automated Pricing rules on your ASINs.

How do I set up the Automated Pricing rule?

Visit Automate Pricing on Seller Central. Set up automated rules on your ASINs to win rewards. Learn how to set up Automate Pricing Rules. You need to keep the rule active on an ASIN for at least 15 days to win rewards. More the number of ASINs you apply the rules on, more are the rewards you will get.

What are the rewards I get for the promotion?

You will receive rewards worth INR 25, INR 75 and INR 150 for each ASIN you set rules during the Promotion Period, provided:

You sell at least 1, 16 and 51 units (net of cancellations and returns) for each ASIN respectively.

Set the rules on at least ten (10) ASINs.

The maximum rewards you may receive are worth up to INR 3,000. The top three sellers (top seller from media category and top two sellers from non-media category) who set the rules on at least fifty ASINs and make the maximum number of sales, will each receive rewards worth INR 10,000.

If you are an Amazon seller, you can enjoy these benefits setting up automated rules for pricing. However, if you have not yet registered on Amazon, please start your journey today.

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