Tips to setup the right product photography lighting

by Arshiya Dey on 04/08/2017
Lighting for produt photography is an important aspect of the online selling business model. The word photography itself comes from the two Greek words ‘’Phos’’ meaning light and ‘’Graphis’’ meaning drawing. Therefore, to create excellent quality product images, you must mind the lighting and manipulate it to click pictures that depict your products accurately.

Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you achieve perfect lighting to photograph your products:

Use a light tent: For many products that you list to sell on Amazon, you are required to photograph them against a white background. This is because white eliminates any distractions and sharpens the look of your products. If a customer zooms in close, they should be able to see the edges and intricacies clearly. A light tent can help you achieve that and a lot more.
You can easily purchase a light tent on Amazon to serve your requirements.

Use a tripod: Many times while you are clicking product images using a handheld camera, your angle shifts involuntarily either due to camera weight or surroundings. As your angle shifts, it also affects the lighting. Sometimes the impact is not easily noticeable, but when you upload it and zoom in, you notice the difference. To avoid such sudden lighting shits, you can set up your camera on a tripod that will give you lighting consistency.

Keep category wise style guides handy: Every category of product is different from the other, similarly the product image requirement for each category also differs. You can log in to your Seller Central account, search for your category specific style guides and follow all the requirements.

Prepare your products and the surroundings for the shoot: Before you can start taking pictures of your products you must ensure that you thoroughly clean and polish them for specific categories. If you have a bulky product, for example: a sewing machine or a table, you need to ensure that all the parts of these products are thoroughly checked and cleaned because you will have to take pictures from all angles. As you place your product on plain surface to start taking pictures, ensure that there are no big or small unnecessary objects that can create shadows. Images with shadows can impact the quality of your images.

Identify if natural light works or if you need additional artificial lighting: If your product is extremely reflective, for example: if you are clicking pictures of a mirror or a shiny surface, it is advised that you click those pictures inside a photo booth or a light tent. But for products that do not have a reflective surface you can photograph them outdoors or in natural light as per your convenience. At all times please ensure that you have access to aritfiical light sources so in case required you can use them.

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