Should I get a free ecommerce website?

by Anindya on 14/11/2017
There are no two opinions about it. You should definitely get a free e-commerce website. as e-commerce is the future of shopping and continues to outpace brick and mortar stores in sales growth. It doesn’t matter whether you are expanding your existing brick and mortar business or just starting up, e-commerce is the way to go.

You can get your free e-commerce site by availing the services of online free e-commerce website makers or list your products on online marketplaces.

Why should you get a free e-commerce website? Consider these advantages of an e-commerce website:

Have your business up and running in no time

For business people looking for a quick start, e-commerce is the best option. Unlike physical retail stores, your e-commerce store can be up and running with just a few clicks if your requirement is a basic store. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Spend the minimum to sell online

An e-commerce website allows you to avoid many of the large, upfront investments and expenses that a traditional retail store requires. There are e-commerce platforms that offer you pre-made templates to create your online store. Marketplaces like Amazon just require you to set up a seller account for free before you start selling.

Create awareness for your brand

The customer buying pattern today starts with online research for the product that is in their consideration set. Whether they buy online or in a physical store, the search starts online. When you have an online presence, it helps the customer to find information on your product enabling them to compare with similar products to arrive at a buying decision.

Sell your products across the world

Whether you’re just starting out or an existing seller, your products are available for purchase to customers across the world making your reach much wider. Existing brick and mortar sellers are confined to their locations and customers have to travel to visit such stores. As such, an e-commerce website is a much more convenient way to shop as customers can do so from anywhere. For new sellers, e-commerce is the best way to reach the widest audience.

Make the purchase decision easier

Your e-commerce website allows you to provide more information about your products to your customers. In-depth product descriptions, product photographs and videos in high resolution, model comparisons, availability and pricing helps customers arrive at their purchasing decision.

Be present where your customers are shopping

Research shows that 51% of customers made their purchases online* last year. It’s not only product research that customers are doing online, but they are buying more online too! The trend is picking up and the future promises more share of online sales in total sales. So it makes sense to be present where your customers are. Your e-commerce website will be there when a customer wants to buy your product.

If you are inclined to sell online, you can also consider selling on Amazon. You get access to a huge global customer base as Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the world. With their experience in e-commerce, Amazon can help you sell online in many ways. To sell on Amazon, register here for free.

*Annual survey by analytics firm comScore

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