Small business ideas in Pune, for aspiring entrepreneurs

by Laboni on 27/12/2017
Known as the Oxford of the East, Maharashtra’s cultural capital Pune has an assortment of premier educational institutions, IT companies, pharmaceutical conglomerates, oil and gas, as well as BFSI industries. With a GDP of $52 billion per year, it happens to be the eighth richest city of the country*. Known to host the maximum number of foreign students compared other Indian cities, Pune also houses many professionals. All these factors make this hustling commercial city a good place to start a micro business, preferably online.

Here are a few small business ideas in Pune and opportunities you can explore:

Clothing or Tailoring– You can start your fashion store manufacturing affordable daily wear for college goers, formals for working individuals, etc. You may also offer tailoring services for readymade garments. Add an edge by allowing customisation per your buyer’s preference. Fashionable clothes never go out demand and can prove to be a low-risk business to start off.

Organic products–Growing market for organic products has opened up a world of opportunities for first-time entrepreneurs. Making and selling organic healthcare and beauty products to a young, urban clientele is a good place to begin selling online.

Web designing –You can effectively utilise your creative talents by becoming a web designer. Opportunities for web designers vary from freelance assignments to full time engagements. You can enlist yourself as a service provider on Amazon’s SPN and earn quick bucks.

Corporate lunch provider – So, we have already mentioned that Pune is brimming with corporate offices, which implies scores of employees in search of homely food. You can take this opportunity to wow them with your culinary skills. Source local ingredients, chalk out meal plans or set lunches and deliver daily at lunch hours. You are sure to get many happy clients.

That said, you need to consider factors like capital, marketing and branding, resource availability, etc. before starting your own venture. There are many steps involved in setting up a business. Here is a quick checklist for you to go through before taking the plunge:

Find a good business idea that fits you, your target customer base and your location.

Test and validate your business idea and do a thorough market research.

Create a strong brand image for your products to facilitate sales and ensure customer loyalty.

Legalise your business by registering your business, apply for local licenses, and obtain your unique Employer Identification Number.

Choose the correct platform to sell.

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*Source: Businessworld: Richest Cities Of India

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