Small Venture, Big Gain: Small Business Loans for Your Small Ventures

A few essentials you need to consider before starting a business

by Pinaz on 27/10/2017
We all have our unique interests and talents. Some of us are optimistic, risk-takers who are ready to stake it all on that one brilliant business idea. Some of us prefer to take carefully calculated risks. We prefer taking a path to entrepreneurship through a small business that we can scale up in the future when the right opportunity strikes. For those people, a few essentials to consider before starting a business are:

- A thorough evaluation of the market and target audience.
- A clear business plan which will become your roadmap to growth.
- Assessing your finances - if you cannot self-fund your venture, a small business loan may be the fuel you need. defines ‘micropreneurs’ as entrepreneurs willing to accept the risk of starting and managing very small type of business, that allows them the freedom of pursuing a career out of their passions. It is no wonder then that sourcing loans can be a daunting task for a ‘micropreneur’ – bank regulations, high interest rates, and other traditional lending options further complicate the process. Predatory loans remain a concern. We recommend:

Starting with a solid business plan that will help you get a small business loans from reliable names in the banking sector.

Preparing a feasibility plan for your business, which analyses industry trends and challenges, evaluating the prospective customer reaction it may garner. Ideally, you should be ready with anticipated profit and loss projections for at least a few quarters.

Ensuring your credit history is sound.

The lending institution will assess your eligibility and loan application before granting you a loan. Once you have your financial backing, you can kick-start your business. For any new entrepreneur, taking advantage of this exploding eCommerce landscape is an obvious choice.

The good news? With Amazon’s Lending Program, businesses can qualify for a loan by selling their products online. Thereby boosting visibility and sales, just like over 20,000 sellers on Amazon. Here is how you can apply:

Start with becoming a seller on Amazon to qualify for the lending program.

This unique model is based on an invite-only proposition from Amazon. Based on the performance of your business, Amazon extends the option to avail a short-term, small business loan.

With a simple process, quick finance, low interest rates and more, the Amazon Lending can provide an empowering and timely boost for your business.

Gail Goodman said, "Starting a small business takes a lot more than a great idea. It takes passion, commitment, and a willingness to take on any challenge in pursuit of your dream." Don’t let the fear of failure deter you from attaining your major business milestone with small business loans. Your success is just a sell away with Amazon - the go-to-channel to turbocharge your unique business.

So start with a low-risk investment and big reach when you sell online with Amazon.
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