Your small business opportunity: The next eco-friendly fashion trend

by Pinaz on 09/03/2018
Plastic has become a ubiquitous material in the modern economy. Did you know that by 2050, oceans will have more plastics than fish, per se by weight*? Most of it is believed to be from Asia, where the use of disposable plastic items is growing at an alarming pace, amidst insufficient recycling.

There is a rising awareness of sustainability in all facets of day to day living today. Most consumers are seeking alternatives to plastic by substituting it with eco-friendly materials, such as wood. This has extended to accessorising as well, defining ‘sustainable fashion’, where wood has gradually made it ways into the thriving fashion industry and offers small business opportunities to new age entrepreneurs.

The rise of sustainable accessories
Accessories and apparels go together. The accessories market has mushroomed largely as there is a shift in how accessories are perceived today. They are no longer mere add-ons but a way of expression. They reflect an individual’s personality and sense of style whilst accentuating their look. Jewellery, watches, smartphone covers, etc., all add up to a trendy look. Wood accessories are growing to be the top trending, ‘it’ choice for men and women. This has led to a new trend and caught the fashion industry’s eye as much, who are taking even more interest and creating wooden accessories and other alternative, environment friendly fashion products – even a wooden, wireless, smartphone chargers.

Go green, become an ‘ecopreneur’
If you are an ‘ecopreneur’ or thinking of what to sell online, you can promote sustainable fashion, and convert the challenge of plastic in to small business opportunities, by selling wooden accessories on an online platform such as Amazon. Wooden accessories such as:

Wooden eye wear




have gained popularity in the past few years. They’ve gained momentum more recently for being responsibly sourced from recycled wood and for their lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, attractive, economical, unique, and custom-made properties. Liquid wood is a good substitute example of a renewable material that is pulp-based and biodegradable, unlike plastic. With specialised textures and grains for each piece, your wooden accessories can become the talk of the town and boost your sales.

If you are inspired by this small business opportunity, we suggest you don’t waste your resources and time on offline channels, disparate marketing efforts, and the pressures of logistics and cost. Instead, let your unique wooden accessories be scalable, have global attention, and the right returns through online channels like Amazon, to unlock your business value, and sales at an optimal cost.

Now that you know what to sell online, Register now as a seller with Amazon. Cash in on the future-forward fashion trends by promoting the adoption of eco-conscious fashion accessories and selling wooden accessories online.

Ready for the new rising?

*Source: The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics

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