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by Laboni on 15/02/2018
Manufactured for the first time in the 1950s by Sir Alaistair Pilkington of the Great Britain, float glass remains a popular choice of material in modern architecture, both domestic and commercial. Did you know that float glass manufacturing is predicted to reach a 72.5 billion dollar industry worldwide*? Float glass lies at the heart of the universal glass industry and if you have deliberated dabbling in glass manufacturing, now is a good time to start. Glass manufacturing may seem like a far-fetched place to start off, but here are some products made of float glass that you can sell online:

Mirrors: Mirror is more than a utility, it can also be used to jazz up interior spaces. Urban decors relies heavily on the use of mirrors. Mirrors are found everywhere, from shopping malls to jewellery stores. Therefore, selling mirrors can turn out to be an exciting small business opportunity for debutante entrepreneurs. Sourcing mirrors of various shapes, sizes, and designs and selling them online is one way of making business out of flat glass products. But, why flat glass mirrors? Well, flat glass is known for high degree of light transmission, exceptional smoothness, and distortion-free nature, making it a good choice for mirrors.

Wall hangings: Flat glass can be manufactured in varying colours and opacities. This makes it a great choice for home décor items. Unique wall hanging can be carved out of float glass and sold online. You can even consider offering customisation of wall décor to your customers and add an edge to your product offering.

Picture frames: Booming digital photography has resulted in an increase in the demand of photo frames. Photo frames are versatile pieces of décor and make for a great gifting option for almost every occasion, be it a birthday or an anniversary. The market demand for picture frames is always stable in the market. This makes selling picture frames a relatively failsafe business idea to explore.

Corner shelves: Modern furnishing is all about making the most out of the least and economic use of space. Corner shelves serve the purpose. They can be hung on walls, are handy, easy to assemble, and save space. No wonder, corner shelves are a hit with today’s consumers. You can cash-in on the popularity of corner shelves and consider making a business out of selling corner shelves.

Table tops/window decoration: Flat glass is most commonly used in making windows. Did you know how you can sell sheets of float glass on Amazon for window decoration and for use as table tops? All you need to do is find the right supplier to source your products from and then, you get selling.

You can sell all these products from the comfort of your homes. Wondering how? Simply by registering yourself on Amazon. Once you set up your seller account, you list your products, advertise them through Sponsored Products. Only once your first few sales start trickling in will Amazon charge you a fee. Sell on Amazon and you too can build your own brand, much like Anubha and Nimish of The Banyan Tree did. Take the plunge, today.

*Source: Statista: Key information on the flat glass market globally in 2014 and 2020

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