Small factory business ideas for your startup

by Priyanka on 09/11/2017
They say you can never have too much of a good thing, and with a new, cool, must-have product being launched every day, product manufacturing has the potential to be a lucrative business format. While large, sophisticated products require considerable capital investments, there are plenty of opportunities for product manufacturing that require comparatively smaller startup capital, and which can, in turn, still yield a healthy return on investment.

Sometimes a single great idea is enough to create a game-changing business. So before embarking on your start-up journey, consider these small factory business ideas. Put your backyard, garage or a vacant place to good use and consider hiring the machinery you need to reduce costs.

Artificial flower making

This thousand crore industry in India attracts buyers globally. Artificial flowers come in myriad hues and materials and if well-made, can look remarkably life-like. Thanks to their long shelf life, artificial flowers are a staple in the design and decoration industry. You can try popular domestic flowers like jasmines, roses and lotuses or even branch out to more exotic varieties like tulips and orchids. Time to launch your very own artificial flower boutique and see demands pouring in.

Baked goods

The Indian bakery industry is divided between the organised and unorganised sector. So, if baking interests you, grab a slice of this pie. You can start off with hired equipment but modern bakery machinery is a must for quality and scale. As with all food products, you’ll need to strictly adhere to high hygiene standards during the making and packaging process. Do consider that A FSSAI Food Business License is mandatory for your business.

Candle making

Wax consumption is expected to grow globally nd the demand for candles is contributes to this market. A staple during festivals, the Indian market is catching up quickly in the candle race. Scented, floral, designer, aromatherapy - the options are numerous in terms of size, shape, texture and colour. You can start this business from the comfort of your home with basic equipment.

Jewellery manufacturing

The Indian imitation jewelry market is one of the rapidly growing business segments of the country. Affordable, innovative designs have seen good growth in the country. The sector is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 20% over 2014-2018. Customer tastes change and evolve constantly so be sure to begin by investing some time and research into innovative and trendy designs.

Jute bag manufacturing

Indian manufacturers have exported millions of jute bags to eco-friendly European countries. In fact, India dominates the global market thanks to the availability of good-quality raw material and skilled artisans. Why not be a part of this profitable industry? Try your hand at producing stylish and functional jute bags and embellish them with embroidery, mirror work or beads. Jute bag manufacturing does not need a huge capital investment and work out well for first-time entrepreneurs.

Wood work

Customised wooden furniture will always have takers. The classic and timeless look of wood combined with unique designs, keeps the demand up for wooden furniture. As customers try to be environmentally conscious in their purchases, there is even a market for renovating or repurposing old, wooden furniture. Try your hand at this opportunity at home. You’ll need to be a skilled yourself, or if not, consider hiring an experienced carpenter to kick-start your woodworking business.

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