Small manufacturing business ideas that cost little to start

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 13/07/2017
Want to start your own online business but do not have a huge capital? You are not alone in this ordeal, as most aspiring business folks face the same issue. Does that mean you cannot have your own business and sell online? Of course not. With these small-scale business ideas that cost very little money to start, you can make your online selling dream a reality.

Incense stick/Agarbatti making: The raw material required for this business is charcoal powder, sticky powder, raw bamboo twigs, oils, scents and thick gelatin paper. These items do not cost a lot and it is fairly simple to make the charcoal mixture to be rolled on to the bamboo sticks. This business does not even need a factory or manufacturing unit, as it can be done right at your home. Pay attention to the scents you use to perfume the incense sticks, as that is exactly what a customer is paying for. Selling agarbattis online is a fairly simple and beneficial business.

Jute bags: Jute bags are easy to make and the manufacturing cost is very little. Since they are completely environment-friendly, they are preferred over plastic bags. Whether it is sacks for cement, bags to hold vegetables or pretty handbags decorated with embroidery or mirror work, jute bags are a good small-scale business proposition.

Paper carry bags: Since plastic covers are banned in most of the places, paper bags are used by cloth merchants, grocers, bakers and a lot of others. With minimal investment, you can start a paper carry bag business and sell them online. You can also make paper bags out of printed paper to make them more attractive to the customers.

Artificial flower making: In a country like India, where flower garlands are used in day-to-day life, artificial flower making could prove to be a profitable business. Be it for decoration at weddings, events or at home, artificial flowers are preferred as they are sustainable as opposed to fresh flowers. You could also make wreaths, flowers for vases, bouquets for church feasts and much more.

Candle making: This is perhaps one of the most inexpensive ways to start your online business. Candle-making requires minimal resources, both in terms of money and man power. Pillar candles, floating candles, tealight candles, votive candles, container candles and special candles can be made in both scented and non-scented variety. Uniquely shaped, scented candles have a pretty high demand among online customers.

Disposable paper plates/cups: These are used to serve food in chaat shops, canteens, fruit stalls and also when there is a large gathering like family functions, weddings or corporate events. They are made by fusing high-quality paper with a polythene sheet or coated with a waxy material, to make them leak proof. It takes very little investment to setup a small-scale disposable paper plate/cup unit, making this a good business venture.

Small-scale businesses may require very little investment, but you may benefit from it if you take that business online. Read more on how to start a business. Selling online at Amazon not only helps you reach out to a larger customer base, but also helps you establish your brand. Register yourself as a seller to take your small-scale business online, today.

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