Here’s why online selling in a great idea for small scale manufacturing businesses

by Arshiya Dey on 03/06/2017
Most businesses in the world work on a profit sharing basis. And, if you are a small-scale manufacturer you are already aware of the commission and profit cuts you will have to make to get your products to the customers through distributers and retailers.

What if we told you, online selling on Amazon can do away with the middlemen entirely? You can sell your products directly to your customers without having to share a huge chunk of your profit. You continue doing what you do best, manufacturing and creating products. Then set up an online store on Amazon where crores of customers come to shop daily, and sell directly to your buyers. The process is simple and the online store can go live within minutes, all you have to do is register yourself.

If you are wondering, how else can you benefit from selling online, let us go over the list below:

Expanded reach – Selling on Amazon does not limit you to selling in your own locality or city. You can sell across the country covering a range of over 20,000 pin codes. This immense diversity in your customer base will also encourage you to experiment with your product’s style and design. You can also sell globally with Amazon to customers residing in the US, UK, Europe and Japan. Products that sell really well in India could sell better in the US.

Sales across all seasons, all round the year – If you are a manufacturer of wool based out of Delhi, you may face low season sales during summer. The locals in Delhi may not buy as much wool during the month of May as they would have in December. However, if you sell online, customers from Kashmir and other cold regions would buy wool from you regularly. Most online customers visit an online store all-round the year irrespective of the season.

Get direct customer feedback – If you manufacture unique products and need feedback to improve, selling them on Amazon is a great way to collect feedback. For an offline store customers rarely come back and share their feedback. If they do not like the product, they never come back.
However, it is slightly different when you sell online. An online customer will share detailed feedback on the product quality and other product specifications. This feedback can help you better your products and meet the bar of customer expectations. Once customers love buying from you, they will rarely ever buy from someone else.

Low investment – Selling online as opposed to setting up an offline store requires little to no investment. There are no shops to be rented or extra labor required. It is an easy business model that helps you set up and earn quickly. Selling online directly is a great way to give small scale manufacturing business ideas a low investment platform.

If you are a manufacturer and want to sell directly on Amazon, please click here. In case you to want to learn more about how to start selling online, please click here.

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