Roll the small town business ball with low investment and big payoff

by Pinaz on 27/12/2017

If you are starting a business in big metros, prepare for fierce competition. Some of you might be prepared to take the plunge and start fostering your own creative business ideas with low investment in small towns.

Small towns are more open and offer a quality life. The ideal time to start on your own is definitely the present with rapid digitalisation and the growing e-commerce ecosystem opening doors for budding entrepreneurs. Small towns with their leisurely pace, low investments requisite, manageable competitive pressure, and the scope for extensive community networking can indeed be a stable environment for start-ups. However, the middle man is everywhere and their demand for commission against every sale they make for you is likely to eat into your profits.

In such a scenario, it makes rather good sense to ditch the archaic, off-selling mode and switch to an online platform like Amazon. Such a platform requires little or no investment and is perfectly suited to serve all your small town business needs and give you a competitive edge while you watch your profits grow.

When you want to start giving your business ideas with low investment in small towns shape, we suggest you consider these factors to ensure a smooth start:

Generate the idea – Validating a high-potential business idea by testing it, vis-à-vis the market demand for the product, its sales value, and profitability is absolutely necessary.

Contact details – Your verified contact number and e-mail address will serve as a critical touch point through which thousands of customers will be able to reach out to you and also help you keep a track of all the notifications.

Company registration – Register your company as an LLP (limited liability protection) in order to effectively comply with GST regulations.

GST registration and PANStandard GST registration is necessary as a centralised system that will entitle your business for an input tax credit. Using a valid GST number, you can seamlessly register your business online. Apart from that, you’ll also need two PAN (permanent account number) cards for your business and personal tax purposes.

Bank account – Once your business has been registered, you can link it to a dedicated bank account and obtain a payment gateway. This will let you start listing your products on the e-commerce platform and transact with customers.

Resources and Cost – Based on the business environment, check access to resources including investors, staff, and variable overhead costs to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Still straddling the fence? Start selling online with Amazon. Business ideas with low investment in small towns can be your gateway to big success with minimal investment while reaping maximum benefit. Register now on Amazon and reach out to a vast customer base while you build your brand with your own online store.

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