Start with small business opportunities to grow big in Kolkata

by Sukanya on 23/11/2017
The City of Joy is not just the country’s cultural capital, it is home to people belonging to many different ethnicities. Kolkata’s cultural diversity opens up a plethora of niche business opportunities for entrepreneurs aiming to start a small business online. If you’re a resident Kolkatan looking at small business ideas on a strict budget, here are a few small business opportunities in Kolkata for you to explore:

Tailoring supplies - The city’s love for festivities is reflected in its habit of celebrating every small festival. As celebratory occasions require festive clothing, tailoring and altering services are in demand round the year. You can tap into this demand and become a tailoring knick-knack supplier. You can sell anything from different types of threads, needles, scissors, buttons, etc. to various sizes of tailoring machines. This is not investment intensive, and you can get started with a budget of 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR.

Idol ornaments/ Pandal decorations supplier - Even though Kolkata is famous all over the country for its Durga Puja, a host of other religious festivals take place in the city every month or the other. You can take advantage of this year-long religious fervour and start selling disposable ornaments used in decorating idols. In addition, you may also try your hand at festive decoration supplies.

Electronic goods – A metropolitan city like Kolkata with a population of nearly 4.5 million, indisputably requires electronic items for every commercial and residential unit. Turning this demand into a small business opportunity is a great place to begin. Supply items like heaters, wires, fans, switches & plugs, light bulbs, etc. and you’re good to go.

Travel Agency – The demographically diverse city of Kolkata sees a decent footfall from local as well as international tourists. A small investment in a local travel agency dealing in taxi and bus reservation, railway reservation, sightseeing tours, etc. can be a lucrative business idea in the city for those looking to start small.

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