Easy steps to follow while shipping an Easy Ship Order

Before you hand over your products for shipment, here are some of the important steps you need to follow

by Arshiya Dey on 13/04/2017
One of the primary benefits of selling on Amazon is the option of availing Easy Ship services. This service allows sellers to pack and prepare the product for shipment and relax while Amazon takes care of everything else. In this post, we will briefly cover all the important steps that you need to follow before you hand over your product to the Amazon executive for shipment.

Pack your product: To pack your products, we recommend you to use Amazon branded packaging material. This will help customers easily identify the source of the package they received and build brand trust.

Prepare it for shipment: Once your product is safely packed, ensure you attach the following to the package:

• Shipping label: It provides key information like address and contact details that help move your package from source (which is your location) to the customer’s doorstep.

• Invoice: It is highly recommended that you opt in to the free invoice generator and attach it to your package before shipping it. The invoice contains the cost of the product packed by you in a tax compliant format.

Please note packing slip is not a substitute for an Invoice and should not be shipped to the buyer.

• Regulatory form: This form is essential to ship products from one state to another. It ensures that your products do not get stuck in transit and thereby reach your customer on or before the estimated time of delivery.

As mentioned, with Easy Ship, you can easily opt in to generate Invoices and Regulartory forms, at no additional cost. You also get Consolidated Transaction Reports that contain order, tax and Invoice details for end of month reconciliation. We suggest that you opt in to this service by visiting the Easy Ship settings page.

To register yourself as a seller on Amazon, please click here. If you are new to online selling and would like to learn more about it, please click here.
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