Take a big leap with these small ideas for big cities

by Priyanka on 04/01/2018
Want to jump onto the online retail bandwagon but not sure of the business climate in India? Be rest assured, the e-commerce scenario for small businesses is buzzing with opportunities. In fact, it is the country’s fastest-growing commercial channel with a CAGR of 51%* and that only implies multiple avenues for e-tailers to explore. With the handy option of setting up your business yourself on online marketplaces, you can consider these ideas to start a new business in India.

Festival supplies

A diverse, multicultural country like India is always celebrating some festival or the other and there is an ever-present demand for festival supplies. These can range from firecrackers, rangoli colours, gulaal, streamers, to party decorations, etc. Venturing into a business of selling festival supplies is a great way of taking baby steps into the world of e-commerce.


Trading in woolen garments is a seasonal business idea and is best suited to e-tailers planning to make a part-time entrance into the e-commerce scene without breaking the bank. Consider selling customised winter-wear for men, women, and children in quirky pop-culture prints to set the ball rolling for your debut venture.

Custom-made chocolates

Chocolate is loved by one and all and recently, home-made chocolates have seen a spike in demand. Apart from selling regular varieties of truffles, chocolates, etc. you can offer festival packs during on special occasions to woo your customers.

Sell with Amazon

The ground rule of succeeding in business is thinking smart and acting smarter. Instead of investing heavily in building your own website, consider selling through an e-marketplace such as Amazon. Register as a seller in a few clicks and let Amazon’s efficient seller services spruce up your business. Sit back, and strategise your next business move while Amazon takes care of selling for you.

*Source: Export Gov.com: India - eCommerce

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