The best place to do e-commerce advertising

by Swati Bucha and Rhea Figueiredo on 09/11/2017
Have you thought about how you can get more customers to purchase your products? Here is a list of 3 advertising platforms which can deliver performance-based results for your business.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Advertising on this e-commerce platform where your products are sold will help your product get the visibility that is required for your business. The benefit of this search based marketing opportunity is that you only get to pay when your ad is clicked.

Here are a few guidelines you can refer to in order to learn how it works -

Understand the keywords that your customers might use looking for your products on

Create the ad which will showcase alongside the search result on the Amazon e-commerce platform

List out the product details matching the ad offering

Integrate Instagram

If your business is in the direct consumables category, you can explore Instagram as an active platform to advertise and feature your business product. Local brands have reported a steady increase in the average order values from Instagram as this advertising platform has an active user base.

You can learn about the right hashtags, appropriate filters, and posts for your products. This will help you build the right audience following your product. However, through the advertising process, the key to mastering Instagram marketing is engagement with your users.

You can try interacting with your customers through the comments section and invite them to follow your brand. Ask customers to click photographs of them using your product. These user-generated photos are a great way to generate a social proof. Prospective customers see that your products are regularly being purchased people just like them, and feel more comfortable doing something that others are doing. Therefore, it is important to keep building your Instagram followers and engaging more with your customers.

Facebook Store ads

While you identify your customers you wish to target on Facebook, it is also important to launch your store as a visible Profile or Page on Facebook. You can then try advertising in three major formats –

Boosted Page Posts

Text and Image Link Click Ads

Video Ads

All of these format types have their own strengths. We hope this article will help you understand which format works best to showcase your business product and generate interest. Keep in mind that online advertising isn’t a prescriptive easy process. It takes trial and error to understand the right types of advertisement formats and platforms which will help you generate demand for your business product. However, if you are not yet registered on, please register today.

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