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by Arshiya Dey on 11/05/2017
Across the online selling market, there are many sellers with unique products to sell. These sellers probably find success because unique products have less competition, high demand and limited supply. If you plan to set up an online business, and are doing your research on identify whether to sell online, here are a few tips that might help you:Get in touch with local manufacturing units to build your brand: Thousands of manufacturing units across India deal with distributers who charge a certain commission to sell their products online. If you get in touch with these manufacturing units, request them to create unique variants of the same products they make, you can sell them directly on Amazon. This will also help the local manufacturing units get more business. For example, a manufacturer of umbrellas might be making umbrellas in different colors, but if you give them popular cartoon prints to be put on the umbrella, it makes the product unique and increases demand.Source your products from remote areas: India’s diversity allows us the privilege having multiple cultures, each with unique products to offer. However, many of these products could be made at locations far from a customer’s reach, thereby creating demand. To enable easy access to these products, you can source these products and list them on Amazon. For example, sticky rice is grown only in the northeastern region of India. People who reside in mainland India don’t have easy access to this crop. Zizira, a seller on Amazon, sources this sticky rice from local farmers in Meghalaya and sells them on Amazon.Sell handmade products: The benefit of selling handmade products is that quite often, they are all unique. The scented candles that you make at home, will usually be different from the scented candles created by your neighbor. And while, thousands of customers may like your products, thousand others may go for your neighbour’s products. Handmade products also have high demand due to the high quality and close attention to detail for each product.

Customise sourced products based on customer feedback: It is usually an advantage to know what your customers think about your product. If you were a customer, who would prefer a category of product to have additional advantages, you can get in touch with manufacturing units and get them customised. For example, if you were looking for a laptop table that also has a bottle holder, there could be thousand others looking for the same thing. So, there you have the advantage for fulfilling their demand by selling customised products.

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