Things you can do to get the first sale quickly

by Arshiya Dey and Monisha Kumar on 27/04/2017
Online selling is a rewarding business model. Thousands of sellers who register to sell their products on Amazon receive their first order within minutes of going live. It motivates them to better their business and add more products. To understand the best practices of a successful seller and to get you that first sale really quickly, we have gathered a few tips and listed them below for your reference:

List unique products: Whether you are manufacturer or a distributer, listing unique products will always help increase the visibility of your products. If your products are unique, they will be easily discovered by customers and therefore get you that first sale. Products that are not available in abundance on Amazon or any other marketplace are usually referred to as unique products. You should also list at least 20 products or more. The more products you list, the better. It helps customers identify you as genuine and the variety of products might grab their attention.

Create excellent quality catalogues: It is easy to ignore this step in the excitement of launching your new online store. However, this step can determine how soon you get your sale. Cataloguing is the process of compiling your product details before you list them to sell on Amazon. It usually consists of Product Titles, Product specifications, Product images etc. that are referred to by the customer before making a purchase. If your catalogue quality is not the best, customers may not be inclined to buy from and trust you quickly. You can also learn more about cataloguing by clicking here.

Competitive Pricing: Keeping a good price for your products is the best way to attract customers quickly. It is advised that at least few of of your products should have the lowest price to enable customers to buy from you. If setting prices manually sees exhaustive, you can opt in to use Amazon’s Automate Pricing tool that helps you maintain the best price for your products.

Subscribe to Email and SMS notifications: As soon as your online store goes live, you should subscribe to receiving Email and SMS notifications to be quickly intimated about your first order. Sellers who don’t subscribe to SMS notifications may forget to log on to seller central and therefore may not know when they receive their first order.

Download the Seller App: The seller App is the best option for you to manage your business on the go. It will help you keep a track on your orders, customer queries and other necessary requirements. To learn more about the benefits of the Seller App, you can click here.

If you are new to selling online and would like to register yourself, please click here. To watch other sellers talk about their success on Amazon, please click here.

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