Things to consider before a product photoshoot

by Anindya Ray on 16/11/2017
Putting in place an efficient process to organize your product photography requirements is the key to getting your products to the market as quickly as possible. A lot of ground work is necessary to ensure that you get high-quality photographs that will persuade your customers to click the buy button.

The first question that faces you is whether to outsource your product photography or not. If you are starting off, you may not have the budget to outsource your requirements. Maybe, you can send the photographs that you shoot yourself to an online image retouching platform that will digitally retouch your products to give it that professional look. However, if you have the budget, you could go in for a professional photographer because that will give you more time to devote to growing your business. Here are a few things that you need to do to ensure a productive and high-quality product photo shoot.

Plan your product photo shoot:
Even before you enter the studio, you should have the plan for the day ready with you. Without proper organization, your shoot might end up in chaos. Gather all the material you need, coordinate with photographers and models and prepare a shot list. The ‘shot list’ is a document which has a list of the products you are shooting, their style, name, model, identification number, colours, and what’s to be highlighted in each shot. You can keep on updating it as the shoot progresses.

Be consistent to get great pictures:
Product photography is an ongoing process as you will be introducing new products and models from time to time. In such a situation, it is very necessary to be consistent in maintaining appearance from shot to shot and from one shoot to another. So, document your setup. Record the position of camera, lights, subject and background so that you can replicate them when required.

Make your product look good:
The objective of product photography is to give a realistic feel to your products so that they are able to attract customers in the absence of touch and feel in the online shopping business. Make your products look their best by meticulously preparing them before a shoot. Remove tags, stickers or other visible labels. Repair any damage, Iron or steam your product so that wrinkles are not visible, use lint rollers to remove dust or threads.

Arrange to back up your images:
With all the effort going into product photography, you have to make arrangements in advance to make sure that your valuable pictures are not lost under any circumstances. Make sure that you store copies of your pictures in two different places. You can store them in an external hard drive, please make sure that they are compatible with both PCs and Mac so that you don’t have conversion issues while sharing files. Another great option is virtual cloud storage. External drives may fail or get damaged and certainly they won’t survive fires and floods. Which is why, saving a copy in cloud storage will always keep you photographs safe.

Photographs being the primary factor influencing online sales, it is important that you set up a process to efficiently achieve high quality results. Amazon, with its depth of experience in e-commerce, would be happy to help you with your photography requirements. If you need any assistance, you can get in touch with our third-party Service Provider Network (SPN). Please register yourself as a seller on Amazon and then request photography assistance from SPN.
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