Tips for fashion product photography

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 15/06/2017
Good product images are vital for any customer to make a buying decision. When it comes to buying apparels and accessories online, a customer completely relies on the way a product looks on the image provided on the e-commerce site. It is very important to have the best quality images to drive sales of your products. In an earlier blog, we covered the guidelines on how to do product photography. This article helps you with tips on how to do fashion product photography.

Prep the garment: The garment/apparel should not be creased, crumpled or stained. Steam or iron the material if necessary before the model wears it or before you put the apparel on a mannequin. Remove all tags and stickers.

Distraction free background: Use white paper or cloth as background to maintain focus on the product. This also helps in bouncing off natural light so as to make the product look brighter.

Tripods and Stands: It is a good practice to use a tripod to handle your camera and move the model/product for different shots. Additionally, you can use stands or clips to keep the background paper/cloth in place.

Placement: Position the products at the centre of the background and directly in front of the camera to attract maximum attention towards it and avoid any distractions.

Lighting: It is best to use natural light for photographing your products. However, if unavailable, natural light can be substituted with a lighting kit. This will help you conduct a shoot even in a close room with no ambient light.

Posture of the model: The model must be instructed to pose naturally. If the model poses in different ways, it might take away the attention of the customer from the product. A front, right, left and back profile of the model should suffice.

Good cataloguing goes a long way in helping you boost sales. Product images influence a customer into buying or not buying a product. Fashion product photography particularly needs to be done very skillfully. If you need more detailed information, we have category guidelines for fashion product photography. If you want to become a seller at Amazon, register yourself here.

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