Tips for online selling during festivities

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 28/09/2017
Diwali is that time of the year when there are massive sales happening all across the country, resulting in tremendous opportunities for your business. As a seller, you should be prepared to take on the increased workload required to fulfil the orders of the high volume of sales. These sales are also an opportunity to convert one-time customers into regular ones by providing a good experience in terms of quality, packaging and timely delivery. This article may help you in preparing yourself for this exciting opportunity to drive your business growth and reach out to new customers.

Effective planning: For a sale of large magnitude, it is always better to plan in advance. Do a business analysis of the sales that you will possibly make. Keep track of your inventory and plan ahead for orders exceeding those numbers (you could use a centralized inventory management software like Browntape). This may help in keeping things organised and provide effective indicators for the products that need to be stocked. If possible, also perform quality checks on your inventory to avoid unpleasant surprises during the frantic sale period.

Stock-up inventory: The increase in online traffic during the festive season can lead to higher sales opportunities. Going out of stock due to large sales may sound like a good problem to have as a seller, but this could lead to a very frustrating shopping experience for a buyer. Which is why, it is advisable to stock up on your bestselling products and prepare yourself for an increased demand to avoid missing out on a good business growth opportunity. If you are worried about the space to stock your products, why not opt to utilise Amazon’s Fulfillment Centres?

Festive-themed products and packaging: Whenever possible, try to introduce themed versions of your products to generate greater interest amongst buyers. If these specially-themed products are not possible, try to get creative with your packaging. Get theme-printed packages for your products and create personalised notes wishing the buyer for the festivities. This kind of personalisation helps in creating a relationship with your customers.

Train your staff: A large volume of sales can increase the load on your staff for tasks such as packing, order confirmations, tracking shipments and more. Train your team ahead of the big sale to handle these increasing loads while maintaining good quality to avoid bad customer experience. If you do not have a dedicated team working for you, outsource packaging and other responsibilities to professionals. You could also ask for help from friends or family, so as to not disrupt service during peak sales. Of course, a good option would be to become a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) seller and sit back and reap in the sales benefits while Amazon does the fulfillment of your orders.

Round-the-clock customer service: Increased volume of sales may invariably result in a larger customer call/e-mail volumes to report issues or concerns about their orders. Make sure there is always someone to man this station and be available for the customers constantly. If a customer has a good sales experience along with great customer services, chances of them shopping with you again increases vastly.

Courier services: In case of most festive-related sales, customers plan their shopping in advance and expect timely delivery. Co-ordinate with your courier service providers to avoid any unexpected delays in shipping and delivering products to your customers. Also give them strict instructions on how to handle the products without damaging them due to mishandling the packages.

Backup plan: Despite taking precautions, there are several things that can go wrong during the hustle and bustle of a festive sale. Products may go out of stock earlier than expected, deliveries may get delayed, products may get damaged during transit and escalations may happen, amongst other things. So, foresee things that can go wrong and plan in advance to correct them or outsource your backend operations including strategy planning to an ecommerce service provider like Browntape.

Amazon provides a platform for all sellers to showcase their products to crores of customers. What’s more? The high volume of shoppers during the Diwali Sale will give your products great visibility and your business a good boost. It is never too late to become a part of one of India’s largest e-commerce marketplaces. So, to take advantage of the upcoming festive sales, register yourself as a seller today.

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