Tips that could help you avoid customer complaints

by Swati Bucha on 13/04/2017
Customer satisfaction is the key to successfully running a business, be it online or offline. Your customers must be satisfied with your services and the products you sell to them. Any delay or discrepancy in this could result in complaints and negatively impact your reviews.

In this blog, we will take you through the common reasons that contribute to dissatisfying reviews and give you a few tips that can probably help you avoid customer complaints:

Incomplete order

Product is not as described on the website

Unauthentic product

The purchased item is not functioning properly

Original packaging of the product is damaged

Order is not delivered on time

Warranty information is not included

It is advised that sellers ensure that their products are always well received by the customers. To help you stay away from customer complaints, here are some simple tips:

Timely delivery: Delivering an order on time may not only builds customer’s trust in your brand but also gets you good ratings and reviews for your product, which will eventually improve your account’s health. Your customers have great expectations when they place an order with you. Make sure you try to ship orders on time without any delays.

Correct product images & descriptions: Good quality images from apt angles are also a good way of bringing customers to your products. Put correct images and easy-to-understand description of the item that you are selling. Give complete information in the description to avoid misunderstandings later.

Proper sizing & sufficient inventory: Sizing plays a very important role if you are selling apparel and footwear. Make sure that you mention the correct size of the product. Also, you must keep enough stock and update inventory for top selling sizes.

Authentic goods: Selling quality products may improve your ratings and also give you great feedback. Selling certified goods also enhance your seller reputation and build buyer’s trust in you.

Efficient packaging: If you are selling electronics, pack these with the original sealed packaging. You can use Amazon’s quality packaging material for packaging.

Warranty: As a seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that all warranty-related documents (signed and stamped as required) are included in the shipment that you dispatch. Original warranty cards can give customers reassurance that the product is genuine.

We hope that following the above tips will help you in providing a better and satisfied shopping experience to your customers. Also, as a seller you’ll be benefitted by the trust that it builds in your brand. However, if you have not yet started your journey as a seller on Amazon, you can click here.

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