7 tips to prepare for Amazon's Great Indian Sale

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 19/01/2017
Amazon’s Great Indian Sale is an event when crores of customers across India shop online, to avail the best discounts. It’s a time when the site sees a surge in consumer traffic as well as sales. As a seller, you can leverage this to improve your business. If you are new to online selling, or have been selling on the platform for a while now, the following tips could be helpful in preparing for the Great Indian Sale.

Plan finances in advance: It is always a good practice to plan your capital investments in advance, so as to avoid any last minute money issues. This necessarily means that you need to assess in advance when you have to buy stock, which courier partner you want to tie-up with etc. An in-depth market analysis a couple of weeks before the actual sale will help you identify the pitfalls you may face in terms of expenditures, and you could plan accordingly.

Keep your inventory stocked up: Since a large volume of customers shop at the same time during the sale, the chances of your inventory getting exhausted is quite high. The last thing you would want is to lose out on valuable business because of this issue. Therefore, after a market analysis, project the amount of stock you will need and keep your inventory fully equipped to meet the customers’ demands. Additionally, keep updating your inventory through the sale to avoid a bad customer experience, which might lead to a

Create great offers: During a scale of such a large magnitude, pricing is everything. The whole idea behind a sale is to pull consumer crowd with offers they cannot refuse. Assess competition and price your products in a way which will make the customers want to buy from you. Make use of Amazon specific deals like “Lightning Deals” to get more traction. Create combo offers and give out freebies (after necessary approvals). Additionally you could use Amazon’s Automated Pricing Tool to your advantage. This tools will calculate the best price for your products on the go and may help you secure that valuable buy box.

Advertise your products/brand: In today’s digital world, when everything is up for grabs on social media, out of sight could mean out of mind. It is highly imperative that you have a strong presence, both online and offline. Use social media to create a curiosity in customers about the upcoming sale and your participation in it. Send out regular SMSs and emails to your customers and keep them informed about the deals that you are offering. You can use fliers and print media for offline marketing as well. If all this sounds too cumbersome, simply try Amazon’s Sponsored Product feature to gain better visibility for your products on the platform.

Invest in keyword targeting: Keyword analysis is an integral aspect of online selling. When a customer searches something on a search engine, they could be directed to your products directly depending on the keywords you have used. Ensure thoughtful inclusion of keywords in titles, meta-description, product descriptions and images. This will give you that extra push during the sales.

Deliver excellent customer service: Above all, a seller’s rating depends on the service they provide their customers. Keeping the customers informed before sale is a good idea to pique their interest. Promptly reply to each and every customer query, whether it is via email or calls. If you are busy with other operations, assign staff specifically for this task. Keep the customers sufficiently informed about the shipment and delivery details of their orders.

Use the Seller App to your advantage: Keeping a tab on the business might seem to be a difficult task, but with Amazon’s seller App, you can do everything that you would on a desktop. Confirm orders on the go, update inventory as and when it runs out of stock, schedule easy ship pick-ups, check you sale graphs and much more through a single App. You could efficiently manage your business through the App even if you are away from your workplace.

Achieving online success eventually boils down to good quality products with remarkable customer service. Festive sales are a great way to achieve this and not only attain business targets, but surpass them. So gear up for the Great Indian Sale with these tips and give your customers a memorable shopping experience. If you have not yet registered as a seller, The Great Indian Sale could be a beneficial step towards building an online business. Simply register here and become a seller today!

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