Tips to reduce order cancellations

by Swati Bucha and Vishal Ray on 26/04/2017
The Indian e-commerce market is probably the fastest growing in the world. In such a fast-paced ecosystem, Indian online sellers always have to be on their toes. Every order holds a lot of value in the online marketplace because every order received directly impacts the seller’s rating. While we have previously written about how to grow your business and ways to sell better & delight your customers, it is what happens after, that really makes or breaks your status as a successful online retailer. Cancellations can sometimes occur after a customer confirms an order, and here are some reasons why they happen and how you can avoid them

Cancellations can occur due to:

No item inventory: you do not have any stock of the purchased item

Shipping address undeliverable: The customer’s location is not covered by your delivery partner

Pricing error: The price was wrongly entered

Inaccurate listings: The information on the product page was not complete or accurate

Most cancellations can be avoided with reasonable care and give you a stronger chance of getting a repeat customer. Here are some tips to improve the experience for both you and your customers:

Inventory (in-Stock) – You must keep a proper inventory for processing orders as per the order flow. Also, you should regularly update actual inventory with the inventory listed on seller central under 'Manage Inventory'. (If you do not have inventory for a product, you can update 'available inventory' as zero in 'Manage Inventory' Page.)

Shipping Option - Sellers should have a tie up with courier partners that provide coverage to all pin codes. Finding reliable courier partners with perfect coverage can be tough, but you can also contact seller support to sign up for Amazon Easy Ship. Being on Amazon Easy Ship can help you increase your pin code coverage & will provide customers with reliable delivery.

Updating Prices –Sellers should update price correctly on seller central under 'Manage Inventory'. Any incorrect price update by you can lead to a spike in order volume and subsequently will lead to order cancellations.

On-Time-Shipment – You must be committed to ship orders on time and improve on-time-shipment performance to minimise cancellations. Customers can become anxious if shipping the product takes a very long time and they may consider cancelling the order. Also, if the order is not shipped within a defined time limit, the order will be automatically cancelled by the system.

Understanding Seller Central – Amazon’s Seller Central has many useful features and options to monitor dispatches and alerts of shipments which are getting late. Knowing these features well and taking advantage of them would enable you to better manage your orders

We strongly encourage you to take the above-mentioned steps in order to process your orders on time and reduce cancellations. To start delighting customers and grow your business, click here.

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