Top marketing tips for your small business

by Swati Bucha and Rhea Figueiredo on 16/10/2017
One of the most common problems of being a small business is to gather a regular flow of sales and new business opportunities. However, once you have identified this problem, it is the first step on the way to overcoming it and achieving business success.

An important requirement to overcome this problem is key marketing tips that can help you support your business.

Tip #1

Create an elevator pitch – Build a solid answer to the question of ‘What is your business offering?’ and ‘Why you are building this business.’ It is the foundation of these two questions that will deliver clarity of thought to pitch your business. As you should be able to understand and capitalize on an opportunity for your business, creating a compelling business pitch is the way to go.

Tip #2

Use your network – We all hear suggestions to reach out to one’s existing network and build thereon. However, with added efforts of creating an email list of all your contacts will help you distribute information to your known sources. Send out an update of your product offering and reference content which is relevant to your product category and can be useful to your end customer.

Tip #3

Build a social media presence – If you have taken the time to set up your business, it is only a little more effort to pull through and create a social media profile where your customers are. It is your business sense that can be applied here to select the social media channel where your customers are most present and can identify with your business offering.

For more images and visual views use Facebook and Instagram

For quick interactions use Twitter

For short and long posts use Linkedin

For video product demonstrations use YouTube

Tip #4

Give samples of your products – Your best way to generate a customer’s interest and set expectations right of your product offering is to give customers to sample your products. With the trial of your product, the two-way benefit of; introducing a prospective customer to your offering and the opportunity to seek feedback become a strong foundational way to build your business and seek a steady flow of new customers.

Tip #5

Use influencer groups & ask for referrals – As you learn more about your business and the ecosystem in which you are operating, you will identify groups of people who influence the customer’s decision to purchase your product offering. It could be product review websites, finance and tax consultants, bloggers of certain product categories and general middlemen enterprises. Seek connections with these influencer groups and share updates of your business offering with them in order for them to promote new business creations with the customers in their networks. With this relationship in place, initiate invites to the customers and ask for referrals.

Incorporating the above-listed marketing tips into your regular business will help you to grow your leads and spin a steady flow of fortunate opportunities for your business. If you are registered on Amazon, you can go through our list of articles on how to grow your business. However, if you’re not yet registered on Amazon, please start your journey today.

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