Top tips for your product photo shoot

Here's why product photo shoot should be your primary focus

by Priyanka​ on 27/10/2017
Want to happily make your way to the bank by selling your products the online way? Then a unique, high quality product photo shoot should be your primary focus. It’s no wonder that the most successful online retailers use high-quality, professional product photos.

Unlike brick and mortar retail, where a customer can touch and feel the product before buying it, your online product pictures have to do extra leg work to convince a potential buyer. Also if you are planning to scale your operations online, an impactful and attractive product photo shoot is the way forward. Here are a few tips to give your product photography that distinctive edge:

Invest in the right photography equipment

With consumer DSLR cameras becoming more user-friendly, it may be a good idea to invest in one. However, product photography can be done with smartphone cameras as well, and free apps like VSCOCam can be your best bet. If you are using DSLR, you might want keep a few things in mind:

Using a wide angle lens will distort your product.

You need the right aperture to get the right shot. A wide aperture will narrow the field depth, keeping parts of your product out of focus. A small aperture will give you a crisper focus.

The right white balance is crucial.
Focus on background and lighting

You need to begin with planning your shot. Consider the kind of background that may work well for your product. The aim is to sell your product, so ensure your product stands out and does not get overpowered by the background. Choose a setting that relates to your product. For example, a kitchen appliance can be photographed on a neat kitchen table. Once your back ground is sorted, you need to turn your attention to the lighting.

The lighting must highlight your product and add to its appeal. Take a few test shots to check for light settings and take your final photos accordingly. Do keep in mind the size of your products before deciding on the background and the lighting set up. Finally, ensure that you have multiple angles of each product so that your customers can take a good glance at the product before buying it.

Edit all the way
Editing enables you to clean up and enhance your shot. The right software can help you eliminate any imperfections or mistakes, giving you the desired outcome.

Sell your products through Amazon
It’s a good idea to start your online retail venture through Amazon. Get onto this convenient platform where you can find a host of user-friendly facilities to simplify your selling process, benefit from a global customer base and earn revenue. The vast range of support services are the icing on the cake.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a high quality product photo shoot and hook your customers.
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