Top trends to watch out for in e-commerce packaging

by Laboni on 09/01/2018
The dynamic nature of e-commerce makes it a winning option to explore for many entrepreneurs today. This ever-evolving attribute of online selling also implies that keeping up with the latest trends in the field of e-transactions an absolute necessity. In order to be in the game and keep yourself ahead of the curve, you must follow emerging global practices, even though these practices might take time before impacting local businesses. Smart thinking always translates into business gains and as an entrepreneur of today, here’s what you should be looking at when packaging your items to sell:

Digital printing

Customers often judge a book by its cover when product packaging is concerned. The nicer the packaging, the more attention your product will grab. Attractive packaging often results in enhanced customer engagement. Digital printing fulfils this need for attractive packaging and a digitally printed package can double up as a gift package, if and when required by the customer. Nowadays, digitally printed packages are also being utilised in marketing products and digital prints are a trend to watch out for in e-commerce packaging.

Sustainable packaging

As more and more brands are choosing eco-friendly processes over age-old customs, global e-businesses have shown a shift towards sustainable, lightweight packaging of goods. In fact, reusable and recyclable products are increasingly being used in packing and delivering products.

Easy-to-open packaging

One of the biggest benefits of online selling is doorstep delivery and therefore, e-commerce has emerged as a popular mode of buying for the elderly. This, in turn, has created a need for packaging that can be easily opened without much physical exhaustion or injury. Yet, products meant for long distance delivery must have damage-roof packaging. Therefore, easy-to-open but tamper-proof packaging is an up and coming practice in the global e-commerce packaging scene.

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