How can you turn a one-time shopper into a lifetime customer?

by Arshiya Dey on 23/02/2017
When you set up a selling business, you want a lot of customers to buy your products. But in order for your business to sustain and regularly get sales over many years, repeat customers who become loyal to you are far more important. They not only give you regular business, carry your brand and logo everywhere but also give you good reviews, which is the best form of free advertising for your business. To have a customer who always buys from you and recommends others to buy from you means you have hit gold. And to earn a loyal customer you must master the art of delivering an excellent customer experience.

In this blog, we have a few suggestions for you that could possibly help you convert your one time customer into a lifetime or repeat customer.

Let us start with personalising the experience. When a customer makes the first purchase, they do not expect to hear to from you. They are nervous about the quality of the product and a simple comforting email could help build trust. For example, if you self-ship your orders or use the Easy Ship service you can send them a note that reads, ‘’ Hello, thank you for choosing to buy from us. We are very happy to serve you and would be dispatching your *Product Name* in the next couple of hours. Please feel free to let us know if you have any specific requirement…’’

When a customer reads this personalised message, they know somebody is responsibly packing and shipping their product. There is human communication that automated messages sent by technology cannot replace. You can also attach a note with the product while you are packing. It could be as simple as,’’ Thank you for buying from us, we look forward to serving you again’’. Once you are notified that the product has been delivered you can try sending another email requesting them for their feedback.

Be responsive to the feedback they give. In case your buyer is not very happy about what they have received, tell them they can get a replacement quickly but also find out what disappointed them. Addressing buyer concerns personally can build a strong bond for a long-term relationship. A bitter experience can stop buyers from buying from you again.

The second step would be to not just meet but also exceed expectations. Give them a simple gift for the first order that they would not be expecting or dispatch the product quickly so they receive it much before the promised date of delivery. You can also attach a gift card for their next purchase.

Lastly, do not let your customers forget you. Brand your products well to create an everlasting impact. But, how can you re-engage? Try using sponsored ads to promote your products. If your product features amongst the first few search results, your past buyers are more likely to remember the experience and come back to you. Try using lightning deals to feature yourself on Amazon’s Today’s Deals page. Using these features will also help you increase your sales. You can also follow up with them with a discount coupon or with a new sale information.

If you have already tried the above mentioned techniques, and want to learn more about online selling please click here. In case you haven’t yet started selling online, please click here.

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